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Our Services
Save money
  • Maximum occupancy rate

  • Pro-active maintenance 

  • Designer house staging/ reno/ repair services at cost prices 

Save time
  • On-time rental payments

  • Tenant screening

  • Maintenance/repair needs

  • Debt collection

Keep Up-To-Date
  • Regular financial reports

  • State of residence update

  • Property news

Rest-easy with City Estates who has your interest at heart. Our team of professionals focus on maximizing the value of your estate through caring for your property and your tenants. We specialize in bringing the most cost effective improvements for your property as well as facilitating a smooth turnover processes in-between tenants.

Caring for your property

Pro-active maintenance of your property saves you the need for major reno post-tenancy. At City Estates we take pride in maintaining your asset with the most essential upgrades and repairs thereby improving the turnaround time in between tenants. Our house staging service also provides designer living space for optimal layout functionality and comfort.

Caring for your tenant

City Estates offers a suite of maintenance and housekeeping services for the convenience of your tenants. Service packages can be customized according to specific needs and preferences.